Chessmaster 10th Edition for Windows

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Kyle Juffs
Kyle JuffsUpdated 17 years ago

Very well rounded chess mentor and opponent

Long recognized as the king of chess games, Chessmaster has been through many iterations through the years. With previous versions, Ubisoft had hit the nail on the head in terms of game variety and learning tools. What the tenth incarnation brings to the table is a lick of paint and some extra lessons, because you never can get enough of chess!

Anyone that has played either the 8000 or 9000 versions will immediately notice how much better the design is, with solid colors that are easy on the eye and finally a true 3D board that you can rotate exactly as you want to get the best angle for viewing all the pieces. The multiple windows still exist but for some reason don’t seem to be as intrusive as before. The structure of the lessons that make up such a large part of the appeal for the game is unchanged, which is probably for the best. Why try to fix something that isn’t broken?

Another superior aspect of Chessmaster is the range of difficulty levels that are available. Each one is represented by a character, with individual attributes and game styles. With over two hundred opponents to choose from, absolutely everyone is catered for and as you play tournaments and individually rated games, you build up a database of statistics letting you check out how many times you’ve played and beaten particular characters and also the evolution of your rating as you improve. If players feel that they have hit a wall in terms of progress, then they can turn to the academy section, which is packed with basic, intermediate, and advanced lessons that can then be backed up with follow-on drills and quizzes. The depth of these lessons is very impressive although in some cases you might need an entire afternoon to complete a topic at one sitting.

As you'd probably expect, more boards have been thrown in, although most will rarely stray from the default look. The developer has also included a few animated boards which should keep the kids happy, even if they don’t know what chess is! As such Chessmaster 10th Edition is a chess game that you can dip in to now and again or into which you can become emerged and involved in the many varying aspects of play. Those with CM 9000 might not consider the aesthetic difference to be worth forking out for, but with this version being regarded as the complete chess package, it won’t need to be replaced for many years to come.

More than ever, Chessmaster 10th Edition delivers on its promise to make you a better chess player. The program will improve your game regardless of your level of experience. This landmark edition provides the largest upgrade ever to the features and graphics of the franchise. Whether you are new to chess or a tournament-level player, Chessmaster 10th Edition allows you to master history's greatest game.

Wise enough to teach an absolute beginner and powerful enough to defeat a grandmaster, experience the all-new edition of the King engine - the brains behind the best-selling brand in chess.


  • Large variety of difficulty levels
  • Very detailed academy section
  • Fun animated games
  • Superb interface


  • Similar to CM 9000 with makeover
  • Some lessons take hours to complete

Program available in other languages

Chessmaster 10th Edition for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 1.02
  • 3.6
  • (1042)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Chessmaster 10th Edition

  • Almari Munnik

    by Almari Munnik

    It is a good game, but I cant download it, so I am a bit upset about it b ut otherwise it is a good game

  • Registered Voter

    by Registered Voter

    valid game fun challenging keep it up waiting for more variations more personalities things

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Too long (tedious) for computer to make moves..
    I really like the program, but I do have a big objection, and a second that is due to the first. More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    The Chessmaster 10 is a ripoff - it refuses to be uninstalled.. .
    I can not unistall the the demo version that allowed me to play one day of che More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Question: Do I have to uninstall Chessmaster eighth edition before I install the tenth edition? Ronald

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Chess Master 10th Edition.
    All links to buy lead to page can't be found,can not find how much it will cost me.


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